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The byzantine weave is also known as birdcage, idiot box, fool's dilemma, and many other names. It makes a nice jewelry weave in 1/4" ID 14 gauge, 3/16" ID 16 gauge, or 1/8" ID 20 gauge rings. It can also be turned into a sheet weave via the "hex" method (essentially, connecting byzantine chains at 120 degree angles and making hexagons that then connect to each other). My instructions here are probably one of the more complicated ways of making this weave, but they allow speedweaving at each step (i.e. every step involves the addition of closed rings with open rings). You might find it easier to skip steps 4 and 5 when learning the weave.

For these instructions, silver rings are new open rings. They carry bronze rings (new, closed rings) and pass through black rings (old rings that have already been added to the weave).

Step 1: Put four closed rings on two open rings. Close the rings, and lay them out as shown.

Step 2: Fold two of the rings on the end of the chain back, as shown.

Step 3: Put two closed rings onto an open ring, and pass the open ring through the two inner rings as shown. Add another open ring.

Step 4: This is the only really tricky bit. Add an open ring to one of the closed rings on the end of the chain. Then add two closed rings to the open ring. Pass the open ring through the remaining closed ring on the chain, and close it. If you want to skip this and the next step, just add two more rings onto the end of the chain and go to step 1.

Step 5: Repeat the process for the other side of the chain. Through one closed link, add two closed links, through the remaining link, then close.

Step 6: Last step. Add two open links with two closed links onto the end of the chain.

You should now be back where you started. Repeat steps 2 through 7 to lengthen the chain. Have fun!

Finished byzantine chain:

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