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Dragonscale is one of the more intricate sheet weaves. It consists of two different ring sizes interlocking; the small rings only pass through large rings, and vice versa. There are only a few limited ring sizes that you can use for this weave, including 3/8" ID large and 1/4" small in 16 gauge, 3/16" large 1/8" small 21 gauge, and 1/8" large 3/32" small 22 gauge. Essentially, you want a setup where the small ring can fit inside of the large ring, although small rings that are too small will make the weave unmanageably tight.


For these instructions, silver rings are large rings and brass rings are small rings.
1: To start out, you want to make a simple 2-1 chain of alternating large and small links:


2: Now place single large links over the small links in the chain. These new links should not pass through any of the chain links; they're just lying on top.


3: Pass a new large link through one of the small links in the starting chain. You should do this so that the link you added in the previous step gets locked into place.


4: Add another large link through two of the small links in the chain - the one you just used plus its neighbor. In the process you should lock in another of the large links you added in step 2. Continue adding links in this fashion until you reach the end of the piece. In this case, that's just one more ring.


5: This step's a tad tricky. You'll need to connect those rings you added in step 2 to each other using small links. You may have to flip the patch over to reach the links, depending on how tight your weave is.

step6 step7

6: Time for another row of large links. They should pass through those small links that you added last time.


7: That does it! From here on, you should be able to repeat the pattern to make the weave longer. Have fun!

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