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HP 5 in 1 sheet is one of three methods of turning the HP 3-1 weave into a two dimensional sheet. It's a very attractive weave and can be used for clothing in suitable ring sizes, but it's time-consuming to make. It also (obviously) requires that you have experience with the HP 3-1 weave. If you don't, well, I have instructions for those, too. :) In fact, it might be worth looking at those instructions just to see how I make HP 3-1, as I use the same method for the 5-1 instructions here.

For these instructions, red rings are new open rings. They carry purple (closed) rings and pass through blue (closed) rings. Silver rings are not important in the current step.

Step 1: Make an HP 3-1 chain slightly longer than the final piece should be wide. Sheeting HP 3-1 tightens the weave slightly, making it thinner.

Step 2: Put two closed (purple) rings onto an open ring. Pass the open ring through two of the closed rings in the bottom row of the HP 3-1 chain. Make certain that the new closed rings are lying as shown; these rings will be the basis for a new HP 3-1 chain.

Step 3: Put one closed ring onto an open ring. Pass the open ring through the two closed rings from the previous step, then two of the rings in the bottom row of the completed chain.

Step 4: Continue adding rings in this fashion until you reach the end of the row. The last ring of the row will not have any closed rings added with it, and it will only pass through one of the rings in the old chain.

That should do it. You now have two HP 3-1 chains sheeted together. Return to step 2 to continue lengthening the weave. Good luck!

Completed HP 5-1 patch:

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