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Trizantine is a variation on the Byzantine weave. It looks like byzantine with an extra ring running down the middle. It's considerably more dense than normal byzantine. Good ring sizes include 1/4" 18 gauge and 3/16" 20 gauge. One "feature" of the weave is that the rings on the sides tend to flop around; there's no tension put on them. To correct this, you can replace those rings with rings 1/16" (or even 1/32", if you have appropriate mandrels) in diameter smaller.

For these instructions, copper rings are new rings added to the weave. They pass through silver rings. Brass rings are not involved in the current step, although they may be in future steps.

Step one: Pass three closed rings through three open rings and lay them out as shown.

Step 1

Step two: Add two more rings through the rings you added in the previous step.

Step 2

Step three: Pass two rings through the two rings you added in the previous step and the middle ring from the first step.

Step 3

Step four: Place a closed ring between the two rings added in the previous step. Lock that link in by passing three rings through it and those two old rings.

Step 4

Step five: Add two rings next to that closed ring added in the previous step.

Step 5

That's it! Repeat steps three through five to lengthen the chain. Some fantastic weaves can be made by alternating the metals used. Good luck!
Finished Trizantine chain:
Step 6

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