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The box chain is one of the basic jewelry weaves. It's a derivative of the European 4 in 1 weave, and was probably originally discovered when some Euro 4-1 was rolled up tightly. The box chain weave can be made by sewing up a patch of Euro 4-1, but I personally prefer to make the chain directly, using the method shown below.

You may have noticed the similarities between the box chain and the byzantine chain. Byzantine is simply box with extra pairs of rings added. The change is subtle in construction but impressive in the final result.

Good ring sizes for box chain include 1/4" ID 14 gauge, 3/16" ID 16 or 18 gauge, and 1/8" ID 20 gauge. Tight weaves are advisable for box chain, as it has no real strength on its own and will collapse into an ugly mess if not held taut.

Step 1: Pass two open rings through four closed rings and lay them out as shown.

Step 2: Fold the two rings on the end of the chain back.

Step 3: Place two closed rings on an open ring. Pass the open ring through the two rings on the end of the chain that you folded back in the previous step. Add another open ring where the last one went.

Step 4: Fold the two rings on the end back again.

You're now back at step 3 again. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to lengthen the weave. Notice that if you simply add another pair of rings after step three and then continue as normal, then you'll have the byzantine chain.

Finished box chain:

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