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Elfsheet is the sheet version of Elfweave. It's an ornate sheet weave that bears resemblances to Box Sheet, although it is more tightly-integrated. It works best with an aspect ratio of about 4.

Before you use these instructions, you should know how to make Elfweave, so go there first.

Step 1: Create an Elfweave chain as long as you want the final sheet to be wide. Elfsheet expands best in the direction that the chains run (in other words, if you're making armor from this weave, then the chains should run horizontally).

Step 2: We're going to start expanding the sheet by adding more copper-colored rings. These rings go into two layers, top and bottom. We're going to start with the top row, and the first one just goes through the leftmost silver ring.

Step 3: Add another top-layer copper ring. This one goes through the next two silver-colored rings.

Step 4: Keep adding top-layer rings until you reach the end of the chain.

Step 5: Now we're going to add the bottom row. However, it's relatively difficult to add rings to the underside of a weave, so flip the entire thing over now.

Step 6: Now we have a new layer of copper rings to add. This one goes through the two silver rings on the end.

Step 7: Just keep adding rings like that to the end of the chain. Now we have a new top row.

Step 8: Now that the copper rings are in place, it's time to start adding silver rings. The first one's easy - just through the leftmost ring of the new top row.

Step 9: This one's a bit trickier - it goes through the ring you just added, as well as the leftmost top and bottom-layer copper rings. Use a downward motion to capture all three rings easily.

Step 10: Again, this ring goes through one silver and two copper rings. Using an upward motion, go through the ring from step 9, then the leftmost bottom-layer copper ring, then the second top-layer copper ring.

Step 11: The same as step 9, really - use a downward motion to capture step 10's ring, as well as two copper rings.

Step 12: Keep using the alternating up- and down-motion to add rings to the weave until you've finished the row.

That's all there is to it, really. It can be a bit difficult to keep track of the layers of copper rings since they lie right on top of each other, so, as with many weaves, it's a good idea to avoid disturbing Elfsheet as much as possible when you're starting out. If you do jostle it, look at where the copper rings connect to the weave, and sort them out so that they layer correctly. Adding the silver rings can be a bit intimidating at first, but as long as you keep track of which rings you've just "touched" with a new ring, you should be OK.
Finished Elfsheet patch:

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