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Similar to Not Again, GSG is a HP sheet weave turned sideways. GSG is quite a bit denser than Not Again. The initials stand for Great Southern Gathering, which is where the weave was named. GSG was developed by Buddha, one of the wiser maillers out there.

A good ring size in which to practice this weave is 16 gauge 5/16" ID. Alternatively, for jewelry one could use 20 gauge 3/16" ID or 24 gauge 3/32" ID.

Step 1: Place two closed rings on an open ring and close the ring. Connect the two closed rings with a Half-Persian stitch. Lay them out as shown.

Step 1

Step 2: As Buddha once explained this weave to me, see the football (i.e. oblong hole) in the copper rings? First, we go through the hole...

Step 2

Step 3: and then we go around the hole.

Step 3

Step 4: Once again, through the hole...

Step 4

Step 5: and around the hole.

Step 5

That should do it. Although this weave can theoretically be speedwoven, in practice it's just not worth it. One ring at a time is easier and less likely to confuse you. Although, if you feel like getting confused, go ahead - the last two times someone tried to learn GSG, they invented a new weave (Viperscale and Not Again).
Finished GSG chain:
Finished chain

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