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This rather amusingly-named weave is a spiral weave that does not unwind (unlike the tradiational spiral weave). This makes it rather less difficult to work with, as you don't have to hold onto both ends at all times. This weave does, however, require two ring sizes. The small ring should be just big enough to accomodate two of the larger rings. Good ring sizes include 1/4" and 1/8" 18 gauge and 5/16" and 3/16" 16 gauge. If you wish to speedweave this chain, then make the small rings the closed ones.

Step 1: Place two small rings on a large ring and close it.

Step 1

Step 2: Pass an open large ring through one of the small rings, then the large ring, then the other small ring. Add two closed small rings and close the ring. Remember the direction you used (e.g. going through the right-hand ring and then the left-hand ring); if you switch the direction, then the spiral will switch directions as well.

Step 2

Step 3: Repeat step two. Pass a large ring through one small ring, the large ring, and then the other small ring. Add two closed rings and close the large ring.

Step 3

That's really all there is to the weave. When you want to end the chain, simple add a large ring with no small rings riding on it. Have fun!

Finished This is not Food chain:
Step 4

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