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On this page I will keep pictures of some of my completed projects in maille. I work in both armor and jewelry, although the armor tends to get underrepresented as it takes much more time to complete. Thus, this page mostly contains scans or pictures of jewelery I have made.

Current image count: 39.

Micro LiL Ice cube six-sided die
An experiment with "micro" Loop in Loop. The weave is triple through-two Loop in Loop. The rings are 1/2" ID 24 gauge. The wire is fine silver. My failure rate on fusing these rings is atrocious compared to what I can achieve with 22 gauge rings; the change in wire size is very much significant. A Japanese 4-1 cube made from blue anodized aluminum and stainless steel rings in 1/4" ID with a .0625" wire thickness. These things are great for playing with. A six-sided die made purely from anodized aluminum, 1/4" ID with .0625" wire thickness. The numbers are determined by the color of the rings that land up, according to ROYGBV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet). Anyone who wonders where Indigo is should note that this is a six-sixed die, not a seven-sided die. Which would be a pain to make.
Japanese Choker Captured Bead LiL Trizantine Earring
Japanese 6-1 choker in silver and amethyst. 7/64" ID 22 gauge large rings and 1/16" ID 24 gauge small rings. I had about a foot of 22 gauge wire left when I finished this project (and exactly zero unused 22 gauge rings, too). Time to order more materials. An experiment in captured-bead Loop in Loop turned into a full necklace. I'm not entirely happy with how the pendant worked out, but I currently lack the skills to do much better. The piece is through-two double Loop in Loop, with some ring size variation where the beads are inserted. With some practice, beads go in fairly easily, but before that practice is acquired, it's a horribly frustrating experience. Trizantine earrings. The rings were supposed to be 3/16" ID and 1/8" ID 20 gauge sterling silver, but the springback on the rings made them just slightly larger. This made it impossible to use them for the intended purpose (a Dragonscale variant) but just about perfect for Trizantine. The beads are green agate.
Single LiL chain Silver with Amethsyts Japanese Choker
A simple, single loop in loop chain. The links are a bit big, but I kind like the stretched look. Sterling silver and amethyst beads. The maille is 1/16" ID Turkish Roundmaille. I really like how this bracelet came out. Alternate view, Japanese 6-1 choker in sterling silver with amethyst beads. The rings are 7/64" ID 22 gauge and 1/16" ID 24 gauge (the larger rings are doubled). One of those pieces that is really satisfying to look at once it's done.
Not Again! Silver Or6 bracelet Silver HP41 bracelet
A weave I created while trying to learn GSG. This thing is called "Not Again", and this piece is made from 16 gauge 5/16" ID stainless steel. It's made from one of the HP sheets woven sideways. A Japanese 6/4-1 hybrid weave bracelet. Doubled 3/16" ID 20 ga and 3/32" ID 22 ga sterling rings. I really like how this piece looks and feels, but it ate up 228 small rings and 131 large rings. In celebration of the arrival of my new mandrels, I made this bracelet. 22 gauge 7/64" ID sterling silver links in the HP 4-1 pattern. I really like this size.
Finished triple LiL 1 Finished triple LiL 1 Double LiL bracelet
Finished triple Loop in Loop, image #1. An estimated eight hours of work to make this beauty. Two avoirdupois ounces (1.8 troy ounces) of fine silver in 22 gauge is a lot of wire! And now I have to figure out what to do with this thing. Finished triple Loop in Loop, image #2. This chain is 21 inches long, not counting the hook on the end. The weave is more than flexible enough for a necklace, but not quite enough for a bracelet. I'll probably try the double weave next, as soon as I find a 13/32" mandrel. A bracelet in double Loop in Loop, fine silver. Lots of fun.
HP 4-1 small Silver byzantine Triple LiL
A bracelet made from 1/8" ID copper and nickel-silver links in the Half-Persian Four in One weave. The clasp is one I recently figured out that looks a touch nicer than my typical straight hook. A simple bracelet of 20 gauge 1/8" ID sterling silver links in the Byzantine weave. I had a few coils of sterling silver, so I used them on this. I had 13 links to spare. The beginnings of a triple loop in loop necklace from fine silver. It would be longer, but I'm waiting on a shipment of silver wire. This stuff is incredibly intricate and beautiful.
Foxtail bracelet Small Roundmaille The Thing #1
This weave is an example of foxtail (also known as "loop in loop"). It's made in this case from rubber rings, .07" thick and 5/16" ID. The weave doesn't require you to open or close any rings, so it can go quite quickly in the basic chain. Since this one is made of rubber, it also doesn't require a clasp; the bracelet can stretch to fit over one's hand and then contracts to fit the wrist snugly. A bracelet made from the roundmaille weave in 1/8" ID 21 gauge copper and nickel- silver. It's a very nice weave, and not thick at all in that ring size (larger rings tend to make for bulky weaves in that size). Every once in a while I'll make a piece with essentially no use. It'd make ugly jewelery, it's worthless as armor, and it often won't even hold its shape unless you squish it flat against the scanner bed. This is one of them. It's made of far too many neoprene O-rings and three stainless steel 5/16" ID 16 gauge rings to hold things in place. All told, there are six different weaves or techniques in it. Can you find them all?
Trizantine necklace Silver Euro 4-1 Silver Byzantine
A 24" necklace in the Trizantine weave that I was commissioned to make. The rings are copper, nickel-silver, and brass, in 1/8" ID 21 gauge links. In sum, it weighs about 55 grams (or nearly two ounces). One of the bracelets I made over winter break from the sterling silver wire I was given. 24 gauge 1/16" ID rings; I estimate around 400 total rings in there. Another bracelet, in the byzantine weave. Once again, 24 gauge 1/16" ID rings. This one is long even for my wrist; who knows why I made it that big.
Shirt thumbnail Dscale thumbnail HP 4-1 thumbnail
My only completed shirt to date. It's in 3/8" ID 14 ga galvanized steel. I'm working on a new one that will be in stainless steel. This shirt uses really strange 45 degree seams for the upper part - I didn't really know what I was doing when I made those. Fear the eyepatch. A dragonscale bracelet (more like a cuff, really) made in copper and nickel silver. The copper is 3/8" ID 16 ga, the NiCu 1/4" ID 18 ga. It's a fairly heavy piece. This necklace is made in the Half Persian 4-1 weave, from .035" (about 21 ga) stainless steel in 5/32" ID links. It's quite light, which surprised me as it is, after all, made of steel.
Snakeskin thumbnail Eyepatch thumbnail Japanese Cube thumbnail
Just a nifty bracelet. 3/16" ID nickel silver and copper rings in a Euro 6-1 weave. These bracelets are a tad heavy but look very nice. I made this eyepatch a while ago, but was only recently able to get a picture of it onto my computer. It's 18 ga 1/4" ID Half Persian 3-1 and 5-1 sheet, and fits my head quite snugly. It had to; I ran out of wire while making it and thus was forced to cut some corners. A Japanese 4-1 cube made in doubled 1/4" ID 16 ga copper links. It's just a tad loose at this size, which really makes it a better toy than if it was a solid as a rock (I have a few like that...). It's a lot of fun to play with, and would make a passable juggling ball if I had two copies of it.
Turkish Roundmaille thumbnail FP/Roundmaille Trizantine
A necklace made in the Turkish Roundmaille weave, from 3/16" ID 18 ga copper. It's quite heavy, but also rather beautiful. Now, if only it wouldn't tarnish so easily. Ah, well. I'm going to make a copy of it in stainless steel sometime. A single picture showing the Full Persian and Roundmaille weaves, in nickel silver and copper. The former is in 1/4" ID and the latter in 3/16" ID links, both in 18 gauge. Fun stuff. A little invention of mine that I call Trizantine. It's a variant of the byzantine weave with an extra ring stuck into the middle. A little more dense than your average byzantine, plus the extra ring takes all of the tension in the weave, leaving the side rings to flop around. Ah, well. At least it looks cool.
HP 5-1 bracelet Micromaille byzantine EPH weave
HP 5-1 sheet bracelet, in 1/8" ID 21 ga nickel silver links. Fun stuff. My first foray into the world of micromaille. 1/16" ID 27 ga nickel silver links. Took me about an hour per inch of chain. A weave I invented/discovered (although a few other people beat me to it) called "Euro-Persian Hybrid," or "EPH" for short. Each persian chain in the weave runs in an opposite direction from its neighbor, so you'll have to learn to weave HP backwards. Rings are 3/16" ID 20 ga brass.
Radioactive sign Confused Chameleon Euro 6-1 bracelet
Fun with the Hizashi weaves - a copper radioactive sign which now resides on my backpack. Let me tell you, weaving rings (especially copper rings) into backpack fabric is no fun. Anyway. 3/16" ID 18 ga copper links in a mixture of Japanese 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, and 6-1. The horizontal links are tripled. Several hundred links in there all told. Confused Chameleon. A fun weave. Now if only I could remember how to make it. Shown in 1/4" ID 20 ga nickel silver. Have fun figuring it out. A bracelet commissioned as a Christmas present. 20 gauge 3/16" ID rings in copper and nickel silver, European 6 in 1 weave.
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