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The Ring Lord
Jon of The Ring Lord is another of the big three in maille supplies. He makes a particularly good source for Canadians, who frequently get tired of paying for international shipping rates from the US. His rings are machine-cut, which gives a reliable // cut. Also probably the cheapest pre-fabricated rings in existence, regardless of where you live. See their forum if you have questions about maille.

Bladeturner Armoury
Bladeturner's page, formerly the Colluphid Armory, is an excellent source for patterns and other information. He also has many things that aren't related to maille, so if you want to branch out your skills, his page is a good place to start.

Maille Artisans International League
Also known as MAIL, this organization is dedicated to increasing knowledge of the craft and artform that is maille. Here you'll find countless articles, pictures, projects, and gathering plans, along with a link to the Maille IRC chat (although if you plan on sticking around for any reasonable amount of time, get yourself a real IRC client). You'll find some of my articles here as well.

Odin's maille site
Odin is a veteran mailler, and his work shows it. He has a truly massive weave gallery, with many links to instructions and how to build weaves. If you ever think you know all of the maille weaves, visit his site and learn better.

The Lair
Kusari's (the owner of this site) site is rather similar to mine. He has many resources for the beginning mailler, including instructions, patterns, supply lists, and of course, more links. I haven't recently needed to visit his site (I've learned everything he has to teach), but he makes a good resource.

The X Nihil's site
The x nihil (yes, that's his name) has a truly massive gallery of maille and forged jewelry, candleholders, and furniture. Yes, that's right, maille furniture. His site is always a good place to go if you're low on ideas and need inspiration.

Spiderchain Jewelry
I wish I could make jewelry as beautiful as Spider does. Her site has many extraordinary designs that I've stolen on occasion with good results. The loop in loop chains are especially interesting.

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