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How to Weave Full Persian
Full Persian is one of the basic jewelry weaves. It makes a solid, somewhat heavy, intricate chain. Because of the density of the weave, relatively large rings are required - 3/8"-14swg, 1/4"-18swg, and 1/8"-22swg all work with varying degrees of flexibility. Full Persian also forms the basis for two other jewelry weaves - Half Persian 3-in - and Half Persian 4-in-1.
  1. Pass four closed rings, shown in copper, through two open rings, shown in silver. Close the open rings and lay the group out as shown.
  2. Start moving and folding the rings as shown.
  3. Manipulate the rings to look like the following. The right most two rings are now shown in gold for better contrast.
  4. Put two open rings, shown in brass, through the copper and gold rings between the silver ones, then close. Do this one ring at a time. Try to avoid having the brass pair slip around. It might help to stick a piece of wire through the gold and copper pairs where you need to add the brass rings.
  5. Add two more rings open rings, shown in copper, onto the end and close.
  6. To lengthen the chain, just repeat steps 4 and 5. Typically you'll use the same color and metal rings throughout. For the sake of clarity, alternating silver and copper have been used below.
Renderings Copyright 2006 by Jeff Baker. Pictures provided by The Ring Lord