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How to Weave Half Persian 3-1
Half Persian 3-in-1 weave is a delicate chain great for simple jewelry. It's known as Half Persian because it can be made by extending only half of the Full Persian weave. Large rings work best with this weave. Suggested ring sizes are 5/16"-16swg, 1/4"-18swg, or 3/16"-20 gauge.
  1. Place two closed rings through one open ring and close. Lay them out as shown.
  2. Place one closed ring on an open ring. Pass the open ring through the two closed rings from step 1 and lay as shown.
  3. Repeat step 2 to lengthen the chain.
  4. The view from the end forms a rough "V" shape.
Renderings Copyright 2006 by Jeff Baker. Pictures provided by The Ring Lord