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How to Weave Half Persian(HP) 4-in-1
Half Persian(HP) 4-in-1 is one of the most difficult jewelry chains to weave. Keep trying even if you think you're off, because you might have it right; you just can't see that you have it right. Half Persian 4-in-1 works well with relatively large ring sizes. 3/8"-14swg, 5/16"-16swg, 1/4"-18swg, and 3/16"-20swg all work well. Start with oversized rings (e.g. 1/2"-14swg), because there are some very tricky ring placements in this weave.
  1. Pass an open ring through three closed rings, and lay them out as shown. Be certain that the closed rings are lying as they are here; else you'll run into problems in the next step.
  2. Pass an open ring through the ring on the right, from above. Then add a closed ring onto the open ring. Then pass the open ring through the remaining two closed rings, from below. This is the step with which most people have a lot of trouble. There's no real trick to doing it - you'll just have to practice.
  3. Repeat step two. As before, pass the open ring through the ring on the right from above, add the closed ring, and pass the open ring through the two rings remaining, from below.
  4. Repeat step 3 as necessary to the desired length.
Renderings Copyright 2006 by Jeff Baker. Pictures provided by The Ring Lord