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Introduction to Chainmailling

Thank you for downloading "Introduction to Chainmailling." All of the information contained within this eBook can be found somewhere on the Internet. It's not meant to be a replacement but more a consolidated off-line reference for those just starting or a quick reference for those who've been mailling. As I've found with internet access, it's quite important to have some off-line reference materials available when your favorite site or your internet provider is down.

The goal of this eBook is two-fold. First, to give someone who's new to mailling a quick reference on the history of mailling, a primer on the different parts of a ring, the kinds of metals available, how to open and close rings, the basic tools used, and finally a step-by-step set of instructions for 7 of the more common weaves in 3-D color pictures. Second, as stated above, an off-line reference for a mailler in any stage of their mailling hobby.

A big thanks goes out to Jon and Bernice Daniels who own and operate The Ring Lord business and website. I stumbled across their site four or five years ago and instantly became hooked on mailling. Over the years I've almost exclusively purchased my rings from them. They have the largest selection of ring sizes, ring metals, and tools that I've yet to find along with an outstanding discussion forum of helpful fellow maillers. They've also been kind enough to allow me the use of images found on their website. All non-rendered images within this eBook are courtesy of Jon and Bernice.

Any suggestions you have for improvment that you'd like included in a future update to this eBook, please email to cdb3141@gmail.com

Jeff Baker

Renderings Copyright 2006 by Jeff Baker. Pictures provided by The Ring Lord