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Chainmail links
The list of links below is by no means complete. It's a list of sites that I use on a regular basis for either information, rings, wire, tools, or other mailling-related items. There are literally hundreds of good sites out there related to mailling. If you have a site you'd like included in a future update to this eBook, email it to cdb3141@gmail.com
Rings, Wire, Tools, Information
  The Ring Lord
    Premiere site for the widest variety of ring sizes and metals, wire, and tools with an outstanding discussion forum.
  M.A.I.L. - Maille Artisans International League
    Another outstanding site devoted to information and discussion. This site currently lists over 500 different weaves and instructions.
  Spiderchain Jewelry
    Great selection of precious metal rings, all saw cut. They also sell precious metal chainmail jewelry.
  Derakon's Library
    An outstanding site for 3-D rendered instructions.
  Imperial Smelting
    A good source for raw precious metal wire in bulk
Jewelry, Beads, and Findings
    Phenomenal site for all things jewelry and jewelry findings. If you need it, they have it.
  Indian Jewelers Supply
    A great site for metalsmithing & lapidary, materials, and tools.
  Bestbuy Button and Buckle
    A great source for cord locks used on chainmail pouches.
Renderings Copyright 2006 by Jeff Baker. Pictures provided by The Ring Lord